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This web site is unique in that it includes information (e.g. government documents), history and technical analyses (really scientific investigation of UFO sightings) not found elsewhere. I have been fortunate to have been able to investigate some of the most important and controversial sightings such as Kenneth Arnold (1947), Rogue River(1949), White Sands (1950), McMinnville (Oregon) photos (1950), Washington, D.C. (1952), Gemini 11 astronaut photo case (1966), Skylab 3 astronaut photo case (1973), Iranian Jet case (1976), New Zealand (1978), JAL 1628 jet over Alaska (1986), Gulf Breeze, Florida (1987 - 1997), Mexican Air Force (2004), NAvy "TIC TAC" case (2004) and El Bosque. Chile (2012) and others.

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It has been claimed that various images of UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) were captured in several videos during the Nov.5, 2010 airshow at the El Bosque airfield near Santiago, Chile. The attached document is an analysis of representative images contained in two of these videos. Download the Microsoft WORD file (---.doc) or the PDF file (---.pdf). You can also download .avi versions of the two videos. Click Here


As pointed out in my previous analysis (www.brumac.mysite.com/phoenixlights1.html), the three lights in the Lynne Kitei video cannot be positively identified as being three of the lights in the famous "Krzysten-Rairdon Arc" of lights which was videotaped at about 10 PM, March 13, 1997 and is shown in virtually every documentary on the subject. This new analysis was done to try to determine whether or not the three lights in the LK video appear above or below the ridgeline of the Estrella Mountains. If they were proved to appear to be below, then they were not part of the K-R Arc. This new analysis makes use of better analytical methods than before but the result is inconclusive as to whether the lights appear above or below the ridgeline. (Note that this analysis is not related to the UFO that apparently passed over Phoenix in the 8:30 time frame.)


This interesting and timely book stars Capt. Edward Ruppelt, the man who tried to convert the Air Force effort at UFO investigation to a scientific "nuts and bolts" operation. He was partially successful but just as his efforts were about to succeed, the higher ups, in particular General John Samford, Director of Intelligence, decided it was better to "cover up" the findings of the Air Force investigative projects. The history of Ruppelt's struggles with the Air Force are well presented in this book.

4) UFO PAPER SUBMITTED TO SCIENCE MAGAZINE This article,written in 1974, presents one of the first sightings I investigated. I wrote a research article based on it and submitted the article to SCIENCE Magazine. Several years earlier SCIENCE had published two articles that argued that "Flying Saucers" were not real and reports were spurious (e.g., misidentifications, hoaxes or delusions) so I thought there might, just maybe, be a possibility that SCIENCE would publish an article that shows why scientists ought to treat the subject seriously. The introduction to the article provides the historical context. Was I stupid to submit a pro-UFO article to SCIENCE......or just naive? And, how does this article fit into the modern context? Has anything really changed? (It is to be noted that in 1979 I did succeed in getting a short article about one of the New Zealand sightings into a conventional refereed journal (Applied Optics) and even to this present date, so far as I know, the New Zealand sighting is the only one discussed in a conventional journal.) To read this "ancient" article, which has never been published in full before this, click here

5) BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES: Here are some processed images which may help us understand the photo(s) related to the so-called Battle of Los Angeles. The "object" at the convergence of the searchlight beams does not seem to be something mundane.... Only time and research will tell. click here

6) REVIEW OF DR. JOHN ALEXANDER'S BOOK If you are convinced that the government has a secret UFO project this book could "rock your world." According to Dr. Alexander, there is no group controlling top secret UFO information. There are several important consequences of this finding (or lack of finding): there will be no disclosure (nothing to disclose), there has been no alien technology transfer and there probably is no Roswell. Are you feeling sick yet? Better check out this book. It contains much information that the serious ufologist should know about how the government works and shows why a "cover up" is unlikely. There are discussions of numerous other topics as well. On the bright side, Dr. Alexander argues that at least some "UFOs are real" and probably represent ET or "other intelligences." Click HERE to see my review and commentary on his book.
7) WHAT IF THEY ARE REAL? What happens "post-disclosure?" I began to think about that way back in late 1986 when I first learned about the MJ-12 "Eisenhower Briefing Document." At that time I thought it might "blow the lid off" and force the government to a "state of disclosure." Obviously that didn't happen, but the thinking that went into the article which I published in the MUFON Journal are still pertinent to disclosure if it happened tomorrow, next year or decades from now. Click HERE.
8) WEIRD "PREDATOR" EFFECT IN THE FOREST Jan saw and photographed a weird distortion effect while sitting in a deer stand. Is this related to a nearby UFO sighting? Click HERE.
9) NIGHTLINE UFO 1996 FOR THE RECORD: During the late spring of 1996 many people were anticipating the early July opening of the blockbuster UFO "epic" film, INDEPENDENCE DAY . It was during this time that I was contacted by the ABC Nightline show and asked to appear on a special documentary "SETI and UFO" show they planned to do in early July. I was told that they had a video of "strange lights" obtained from a telescope in Hawaii which normally did classified research. They wanted me to view and analyze the video "live" on camera. They would not let me see it first. I disliked this requirement that I couldn't view the video first because I suspected they were going to try to make me look like a fool (for claiming the lights were related to ET), but I did it anyway. Probably few people even recall this rather good documentary and fewer still recall the video of strange lights. Nevertheless, because ABC News has recently (2007) released this documentary (available from Amazon) I feel that I should "set the record straight" regarding the "UFO video." To learn about the difficulties of this sort of research and to learn what "it" probably was, click HERE. Note, by the way, that I reported to Nightline the final result of my research but Nightline never reported that to the television audience.
10 HANGZHOU "AIRPORT SHUTDOWN" PHOTOS At about 8 PM, July 7, 2010, the airport at Hangzhou, China, was shut down after pilots claimed they saw a UFO over the airport. News stories of this event included one or more photos of a strange looking "object" in the sky over Hangzhou. These stories implied that the photo(s) showed the "airport UFO." Analysis shows that the photographed object was probably a police helicopter. click HERE.
11 LYNNE KITEI EXPERIENCE During one evening in February, 1995, Dr. Lynne Kitei and her husband saw and photographed some unexplainable lights that appeared not far from their house. They thought at the time that the sighting lasted no more than 3 minutes. Several years later, while I was investigating her "Phoenix Lights" sightings, I discovered that the sighting lasted longer... much longer! A short summary of the discovery is presented in the new edition of her book,

The Phoenix Lights…A Skeptic’s Discovery That We Are Not Alone (Hampton Roads Pub. Co., Charlottesville, VA, 2004, 2010

. The details of the discovery are presented HERE
12 FOUR LIGHT ARRAYS IN DAYTIME Strange coincidences or what? If anyone knows of other such photos please let me know. CLICK HERE
13 MUFON AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN UFOLOGY. At the MUFON 2009 Symposium was given the MUFON "EBE" award for my many years of UFO investigation. You can read the speech leading to the award HERE I also presented a research paper in which I discussed the scientific approach to ufo investigation and some of the photo cases I have investigated over the years. You can see my POWER POINT PRESENTATION, "From McMinnville to Stephenville." CLICK HERE
14 THE EFFECT OF THE ATMOSPHERE ON LONG EXPOSURE (1/2 second) IMAGES OF DISTANT LIGHTS Some recent videos show what appear to be strange, "squiggly line" multicolored images. Illustrations in this article show how slight hand vibration, even when a camera is held against a rigid object (car, post), combined with atmospheric scintillation or "twinkling" can make the image of a distant steady light look "weird." CLICK HERE
15 SKYLAB 3 The third group of astronauts in the Skylab satellite (1973) saw something that shouldn't have been there. And they photographed it. Whatever it was, it was red or emitted red light. To try your hand at identifying it Click Here
16 CUTLER TWINING MEMORANDUM The only document found in the National Archives which mentions MJ-12, the supposed top secret group of individuals who control access to highly classified UFO information. Someone inserted this document into file box 189 of "entry 267 of Air Force Record Group 241," probably in 1985, where it was found during a search of the complete entry by Jaime Shandara and Bill Moore in the summer of 1985. Who put it there is still a mystery. Could it be a hoax? Certainly, but a very clever one if it is. On the other hand, it might be real but the "MJ-12 Special Studies Project" mentioned therein might have nothing to do with UFOs. See Click Here
17 CHINESE UFO VIDEO OF AUG 17, 2006: "Spectacular"...but...video analysis finds "fingerprints of a hoax." Is this the real thing or a fake? What do you think? Click Here
18 SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS: this is my summary and analysis of Project Blue Book Special Report #14. This is still the premier statistical study of UFO reports. During my study of this report I discovered some facts about the data which were not previously known. Click HERE and download the Power Point presentation (3.5 MB).
19 UNIDENTIFIED HOT OBJECT in Florida! During a police operation in 1991 the crew of a helicopter using a thermal imaging system ("flir") saw a strange object flying along with the helicopter. The distance and size are unknown and the shape is unique. What was it? A hot UFO? see CLICK HERE , download and read the report (a WORD document)
20 IRANIAN JETS vs THE UNKNOWN... In September, 1976, two (one after the other) F-4 Phantom Jets tangled with a bright "something." They chased it at speeds up to Mach 2 but then it disabled their electronics when they got too close and (apparently) became a threat to the object. This event has important military implications and, in fact, the important information comes from the Air Force. But, did we do anything about it? Probably someone knows a lot more than is presented in this report. Kind of makes one wonder whether or not "space weapons" will be effective against "them." Download the 1.2 meg WORD file here click here
21 THE LEGACY OF 1952: I have now enhanced my history of the very important year, 1952. You can read the original html version below (1952 Year of the UFO) or buy the book with the more "brilliant" version (more colorful, more illustrations including copies of newspaper articles) at Amazon.
22 PHOENIX LIGHTS: A newly published analysis of the Phoenix Light videos of March 13, 1997 is now available to accompany the original analysis presented below. This supplementary analysis provides graphs of the falling lights and also a recalculation of the distances and angles from the locations of Krzyston and Rairdon to the location of light 9, the highest light in the "Krzyston Arc." To download the WORD document click here.
23 HAWK TAILS! If you have read Exempt from Disclosure (Collins and Doty)(or even if you haven't read the book) you will want to read Hawk Tales, my interview with Air Force source "Hawk." What he said in the middle 1980's would have been enough to blow the lid off if we could have proved it. This is part of the "back story" to the EfD book. click here
24 FLYING CHRISTMAS TREE? Just in time for CHRISTMAS 24 years later..."The Case of the Flying Christmas Tree" is (finally) published here. Phil Klass suggested (in 1985) that this might be the "Rosetta Stone" for ufology. I don't think so, but it is interesting anyway. Download the WORD file HERE.
25 ACCELERATION!!! TRUFOs are fast. But SPEED isn't everything.... The important thing is how fast you can get up to speed. TRUFOs can get up to high speed in "no" time. And they disappear. Find out what we know about UFO acceleration. click here and keep your eyes open. Never know what you might see - briefly - as it zips by!
26 CHALLENGING THE PARADIGM! The "conventional wisdom" is that UFOs/AFCs (alien flying craft) are not real (everything is explainable). (Note: kooks and nuts say otherwise. See why in this article.) Therefore it is difficult at best to publish papers on UFO investigations in mainstream refereed technical journals. Most such attempts are rejected by the editors. However, sometimes one is lucky and sometimes you win. I did...once. To see how that came about CLICK HERE and challenge the paradigm whenever possible!
27 IMMEDIATE HIGH ALERT for flying saucers??? An enduring mystery: why was the USA in alert status during the morning of Dec. 6, 1950 and why was the Counter Intelligence Corp placed on IMMEDIATE HIGH ALERT for information about flying saucers only 2 days later? Is there a connection? Find out what is known: click here
28 NOTICE: PUBLICATION OF A BREAKTHROUGH PAPER in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (JBIS): "Inflation Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitations" by Deardorff, Haisch, Maccabee and Puthoff (JBIS,Vol. 58, pg 43, 2005). This is the first(?)article in a refereed, mainstream science journal to propose studying UFO reports to determine if any are evidence of ET visitation. To access this report (JBISpaper.pdf) CLICK HERE .
29 NEW ZEALAND SIGHTINGS of December 31, 1978 are briefly mentioned in the JBIS paper (see above) as an example of UFO sightings that can't be explained in terms of known physical phenomena. Although several such reports were listed in the original version of the paper, only these sightings were "allowed through" the review process, apparently because they are the only sightings to be previously published in a refereed science journal (Applied Optics) and because they are the only ones known (to civilians) to involve coincident radar-visual detection AND color movie film. You can read about these sightings by downloading the file at CLICK HERE. (WORD document, 1.7 MB). For more in-depth analysis see also the document below listed as "RADARUFOS" (immediately below this) and, farther down on this page, the Flashing Light document and the Squid Boat document.
30 NEW ZEALAND RADAR SIGHTING: Some of the most technically interesting sightings are those in which radar plays a role. There are many "radar only" sightings (no coincident visual sightings). Of greater interest are the radar-visual cases in which (a) witness(es) report on object in the same direction and undergoing the same dynamics as a radar target. In this paper I discuss a radar-only case and also the only RADAR-VISUAL AND PHOTOGRAPHIC case that I know of, namely the New Zealand sightings of 1978. Download RADARUFOS (WORD document; about 240K).
31 MEXICO DOD SIGHTING of March 5, 2004 UPDATE TO DECEMBER 27, 2004. My analysis of the sighting is for download. I initially withheld my report in the hope that the Mexican Air Force would fly a test flight. However, they didn't fly such a flight. The first radar target remains unexplained because it had a rather large radar cross-section and was traveling at high speed, yet was "invisible" to the eyes of the crew and to the infra-red viewing system ("FLIR") which means that it was not generating heat. The the flir "lights" were quite far from the plane. They may have been above ground and therefore moving or they may have been at ground level. After 2 years I am still waiting for an experiment that could prove whether or not some or all of the flir lights could be ground sources, in particular, gas-burnoff flames from oil wells. The detailed report can be downloaded as a WORD document (.doc): click here . You might also scroll down and click on the Bubba sightings listed below (Gulf Breeze Bubba) and then scroll down to the section labelled "Invisible Light". This describes an a sighting that involved infrared sensitive film. It appears to show that a UFO changed its spectrum, moving from predominantly visible into the so-called "near infrared."
32 STILL IN DEFAULT? The scientific community has not been as scientific as it should have been relative to UFO sightings. Science is not always what scientists do, said J. Allen Hynek. Science is in default, said Dr. James McDonald (see FIRESTORM by Anne Druffel). And guess what: science is STILL IN DEFAULT, which is, oddly enough, the title of this paper first written in 1986 and now updated. To find out how badly science is in default, and the difficulties I have had in publishing, CLICK HERE
33 DEFENSE OF ED WALTERS' GULF BREEZE SIGHTINGS: My response to Jerry Black:click here
34 THE ALBANY TV OBJECT of Oct.20, 2002... What was it? How HIGH was it? Preliminary analysis presented to inspire other video analysts. Was it 4000 ft high.... or perhaps only 4 ft high? You tell me...but prove it! CLICK HERE
35 WHITE SANDS PROOF! It has been in front of our noses for years. However, it was neatly covered up in the final report of Project Twinkle. Yes, Twinkle Twinkle Little CRAFT!! Too bad the phototheodolite film was (conveniently?) lost years ago. But a remaining document pokes holes in the long-time Air Force claim that UFO sightings are not evidence of something truly unearthly. In 1950 we had nothing that could fly at an altitude of about 30 miles. CLICK HERE

36 MEXICO CITY, Aug. 6, 1997....fingerprints of a hoax.... See why this famous video has been questioned by image analysts. Learn about the "differential motion smear," i.e., the difference in blurring of the edge of the UFO image as compared to the building image. Click Here

37 F15UFO SIGHTING: in January, 1994 Ed Walters of Gulf Breeze, Florida, photographed a strange UFO which was apparently "examined" by an Air Force jet. More recently there have been reports of similar objects. Hence the publication of this analysis click here

38 1952 THE YEAR OF THE UFO: 50 years ago the most amazing concentration of UFO sightings occurred in the USA (and some in other countries). In a period of three months the Air Force collected about 1000 sightings. Why didn't this change the world? Here is your chance to return with me to yesteryear and find out what happened 50 years ago and why the world did not change as a result. So Click Here and go back in time to when ufology was young.
39 KENNETH ARNOLD: THE CASE THAT STARTED IT ALL!!....well, almost. The ultimate Arnold history and analysis is presented in full detail in the book THREE MINUTES IN JUNE available at Amazon or, if you want an autographed copy contact me by email at brumac@compuserve.com. The first publicized sighting was that of Kenneth Arnold whose sighting was June 24, 1947... a day that will live in "famy" or infamy, depending upon your opinion of the subject of flying saucers. Anyone serious about the UFO subject should understand the Arnold case, which is a microcosm of much of what followed. Learn All About It, including the many proposed explanations (pelicans, anyone?) from the book.
40 MEIER SPACESHIP OR..... not? What is that moving (swinging?) back and forth over a tree that no longer exists in the first movie by famous contactee Eduard Albert Meier-Zafiriou, aka "Billy" Meier? You can, perhaps, make your own conclusion based on the analysis presented HERE (click).
41 NEW ZEALAND Dec. 1978 FLASHING LIGHT film analysis What was that triangle of lights that was observed, filmed and apparently also detected on radar in December, 1978? Certainly not a Squid Boat! (See the HIGH FLYING SQUID BOAT sighting discussed below). The New Zealand sightings may be the most "instrumented" in civilian ufology, with multiple witnesses, TWO INDEPENDENT TAPE RECORDINGS MADE DURING THE SIGHTINGS(!), 16 mm color movie film and ground and air radar. Read about these world famous sightings: FLASHING LIGHT or the so called SQUID BOAT sighting.
42 RODS!!! ??? Some guys jump into deep holes. Some guys videotape strange objects while other guys jump into holes. The question is, CAN YOU SWALLOW THIS story about Base Jumper Rods? (Probably bugs!) Click Here
43 Oh, Red Sphere!! Glowing orbs of various colors have been seen moving around in the night skies all over the world. Pictures have been taken. These generally show small images which merely prove there was a light. No details are apparent. Now we have a DAYLIGHT photo!! Click here (Originally reported by National UFO Reporting Center UFO .)
44 JAL1628: The Japanese Jumbo Jet Sighting. This is the most complete report of the JAL1628 sighting over Alaska, in November 17, 1986. It has been cited by John Callahan, formerly of the FAA, in his testimony to the Disclosure Project of CSETI.click here
45 UFO WITH CELLULAR STRUCTURE ? There have been reports of a sort of cellular structure at the bottom of some UFOs. This sighting occurred during the famous "Bubba flap" (see below). To see the structure, Click Here
46 ROGUE RIVER, OREGON, 1949: One of the best Visual Sightings ever, CASE 10 of the Legendary Special Report #14; a sophisticated hoax or the REAL THING? What do you think? ROGUE RIVER
47 Some weird photos depict paranormal events....maybe. But does this one? What do you think? (Recent experiments indicate that could have been the camera strap that was in front of the lens. It appears white because of the extreme brightness of the reflection from the strap!) See (REMOVED at the request of the owner of the photos of a dove and white "vortex").
48 CAVITT EMPTOR!!! Skeptics who are appealing to the testimony of Sheridan Cavitt to support the MOGUL Hypothesis...BEWARE! His testimony is about as solid as a Swiss Cheese. He is an important government-Roswell witness AGAINST the Mogul explanation. Click on CAVITT EMPTOR! to find out why!

What would you say if the President called? I don't know what I would say because the President didn't call. But the CIA (gulp!) did, in the middle of one sunny April afternoon in 1993. "Please prepare a briefing for the President's Science advisor on UFOs and, oh, by the way, have it ready by 8 AM tomorrow morning." I did the best I could!

50 Red BUBBA Comes to Gulf Breeze! (click here)

Between November 1990 and July 1992 there were recorded over 150 sightings of a red light that would flash bright white as it moved through the sky. There were also sighitngs of rings of light. I saw one of these myself. Read about my sighting and others, including infrared camera photos and a SPECTRUM OF BUBBA (a diffraction grating was placed inside a camera).


They (the skeptics) said it couldn't be done: a UFO sighting by Ed Walters, with photos, in the presence of other witnesses. But it happened on Jan 8, 1990. Pretty good sighting, too. The strangest photo wasn't taken by Ed!! See for yourself.

52 YOU DON'T MESS WITH ASHTAR!!!(click here)

What happens when you challenge the Space Brothers on their own channeled turf? (not a pretty sight)

A HIGH FLYING SQUID BOAT? What do you think? (click here)

The world famous New Zealand sightings (December 31, 1978) feature multiple witnesses, a 16 mm color movie and radar detections (the only civilian radar-visual-movie UFO case). This sighting preceeded the flashing light sighting discussed above on this web page. This sighting has been "explained" as unburned meteors, drug runners, light reflected from the breasts of birds (even though the airplane was higher than the birds!) and.... yes... a squid boat. The optical analysis of this sighting was reported in Applied Optics!!

54 Canadian Air Force Pilot UFO Photo (click here)

You never know what you might see at high altitudes near a thunderstorm. The pilot said it looked like a coin seen on edge. The camera shows a glowing elliptical light. Did the camera detect radiation the pilot couldn't see?

55 Magnetic UFO in Gulf Breeze?

Perhaps some UFOs have a Magnetic Personality! In this case a strong magnetic field was detected after a sighting.

56 Remarkable Meteors or UFOs? Click here

In 1904 sailors aboard the U.S.S. Supply saw a truly remarkable sight. They may not have realized just how remarkable!!

57 DMSP satellite photo of a UFO? Click here

In 1978 a weather satellite of the Defense Department created this photo. What is it?

58 The Gemini 11 Ufo Sighting And Photographic Analysis

On September 13, 1966 during their sixteenth revolution, the Gemini 11 astronauts, Charles "Pete" Conrad and Richard Gordon, Jr., sighted an object which they could not identify. It travelled close enough for them to have an impression of size (more than just a point). Their initial report, as copied from the flight transcript given in the Condon Report (l), is shown in the upper half of Figure 1. The next day, NORAD claimed that the object was the Proton 3 satellite and/or its booster at a distance of 450 km from the astronauts. The NORAD report is given in the lower half of Figure 1. The key phrase to be noticed is the statement that "it is unlikely that any photographs would show more than a point of light." [Read More]

59 New York Academy of Voodoo Science?

I suppose what initially caught my eye was the nearly naked man well hung with bananas (!) on the front cover. But that wouldn't have been enough to get me to buy the magazine to read as I flew to the MUFON Symposium in St. Louis. What said "buy" was the list of articles across the top of the page, with "Roswell Cover Up" sandwiched between "Industrial Ecology" and "X-Ray Eye." I quickly grabbed the 'zine and found the Roswell article entitled, "Welcome to Planet Earth." What I didn't fully realize until later, when reading the article on the plane, was that I was face to face with "voodoo science" published by the New York Academy of Sciences (May/June issue, 2000). [Read More]

60 UFO Landing Near Kirtland Air Force Base: Welcome to the Cosmic Watergate

This article was written in 1985, several years before the initial MJ-12 documents (Eisenhower Briefing Document, Aquarius Document, etc.) became public knowledge and many years before the controversy over Richard Doty's activities. At the time, I was not interested in the Paul Bennewitz aspect of the Kirtland UFO activity. I was only interested in the report of actual sightings of unidentified objects at or near Kirtland Air Force Base. Hence the Bennewitz controversy (and Bill Moore's activities related to Bennewitz, activities not revealed until the late 1980's) are only discussed briefly. [Read More]

61 Report On Phoenix Light Arrays

Although there have been numerous sightings of bright lights in the sky south of Phoenix by various witnesses over the years, the lights videotaped on the nights of March 13, 1997 and January 14, 1998 were particularly interesting because (1) rather unique arrangements of lights within the arrays made the identification of specific lights that appeared in two or more videos quite conclusive and (2) the witnesses were in widely separated locations so it was possible to use triangulation methods to determine the locations of the lights to an accuracy of several miles. Although one could have asked for better accuracy in triangulation, the fact is that 10, even 20 mile accuracy was sufficient to determine whether the lights were nearby (within 20 miles of Phoenix) or far away (more than 60 miles away). [Read More]

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